Monday, May 5, 2008

When Day Planners Go Bad

Since I've successfully ignored my to-do list for a solid two weeks, I'm going with a new approach: The To-Don't List. Make your own! Franklin Covey, call me!

1. Talk about Fight Club.*
2. Take candy from strangers--or babies.
3. Sell anything, buy anything, or process anything.*
4. Bring a knife to a gunfight.*
5. Take the gun in favor of the cannoli.*
6. Take a cannoli to any kind of fight. Unless it's a food fight.
7. Talk about Foodfight Club.
8. Trust a dog to watch your food.
9. Let any bulls into your china shop.
10. Let your babies grow up to be cowboys.

*Extra credit for naming the movie referenced in this item.


Artemystic said...

You consistently crack me up, weirdo. :)

latoga said...

How strange, last night I saw a television show that references the movie for that extra extra credit?

Verna said...

#10 Willie Nelson.
OK, you didn't ask that.

You crack me up.

GeekMom said...

Ooh, I know! Say Anything! Lloyd Dobler! Loved that movie. :-)

amy said...

Is number 4 referring to that part of the one Indiana Jones movie where the one guy does all the fancy knife moves and then IJ just shoots him with a gun?

If not, I'll just refer to Brad Pitt's fighter moves in Fight Club.

I know I'm behind, because I'm way late on catching up on all my non-MySpace blogs, but today? On my The To-Don't List is Stay awake past 8 PM. Because I did last night, and that was a really bad idea.

I'm still thinking about what I'm not going to let my babies grow up to be. Cowboys will probably be one of them, but I bet because I said not to, that's exactly what they'll try to be.

I'm glad I don't live in Texas.

Jody Reale said...

Amy, for some reason, I think your baby is going to grow up to be what all of our babies grow up to be: whatever bothers their parents the most.
PS I'm getting my number 4 reference from The Untouchables.