Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here's Looking Up Your Old Address

From 2000-2006 we lived in Nederland, Colorado, where we enjoyed a simple mountain lifestyle 20 minutes and 3,000 vertical feet from Boulder. Our house was small, our driveway was steep, our dogs were off-leash, and everyone was more or less happy. What I wonder now, three years after having left, is this: How did it escape my attention (until now) that the same town that keeps a frozen dead guy in a Tuff Shed (and throws a festival of the same name every year) is also the same town with a neighborhood of questionable street names? (Must be middle age kicking in.) See pictured here a map of some of my favorites, including the famed Hummer Drive.

Where the Magic Happens
The Cold Springs neighborhood, just off the Peak to Peak Highway, is where you'll find the neighborhood that, all of a sudden, sounds to me like one big double entendre. Take, for example Rocky Knob Lane, Wolftongue Road. By the time you get to Shady Hollow, Big Jack Ct, and Cougar Run (where all the hot older ladies live), even Thunder Ridge starts to sound dirty. It's like the only thing missing is Beaver Road (which is not that far away, but then again, Beaver never is).

You Can't Make This Stuff Up
I miss a lot of things about Nederland. The people, the charm, the scenery. And now I have one more thing to miss about the place: Giving directions. If we were ever to move back there, I'd insist on buying a place in the Cold Springs area, like it or not. Because if I did, in all seriousness, I might end up having to tell someone to meet me at the corner of Last Chance and Hummer. Sadly, it looks as if both quickly come to a dead end.


dawn Dennison said...

South Beaver Road (sorta redundant) is in Gilpin County. Also of note: two of the checkers in the B&F (which stands for Ball and Frick) are named BJ.

Jody Reale said...

That's it, I'm retiring the blog. No way I'll ever get a better comment than that. And it's all true, too.

Dawn said...

I wish there were a naughty way of saying four feet of snow. The AT&T guy who helped me with my cell phone bill this morning said, " I wish I was getting 2 inches an hour." And that was as good as it got. Four feet. I hope the Ball and Frick hosts another Power Outage Use Up all the Frozen Elk Burger Barbeque tomorrow. If so, you might want to see if the RTD is up and running.