Monday, June 4, 2007

Four Non Blogs

Jody Reale world headquarters is moving this week, and so in the spirit of publishing a Monday entry despite the shitstorm that is packing up everything I own and moving it to the other side of a mountain range, I’m listing four good ways to make sure that your lunch hour still goes to hell today in your hand basket of choice.

1. You can download my 13-page ebook, an essay entitled Just a Small Town Girl, for only two dollars—that’s less than the cost of a movie for heaven’s sake! And, you can print it out and take it with you to the bathroom; nobody has to know.

2. Please patronize the bloggers on my blogroll:

3. Check out the “Samples” page at There’s a new entry there, entitled In the Middle of Somewhere, especially for you Colorado folks.

4. If you’re not a MySpace junkie yet, you’re missing out on some good phishing attacks and messages from complete strangers who want you to know that, no kidding, you two were married in a previous incarnation. Sign up already, and come see me at We will be friends, screw Jeremy Piven. After all, you and I were married once, which entitles me to your password. Give it up.

See you next week.


Rosemary Carstens said...

In the Middle of Somewhere is great, Jody. You write really well and I can see why it won a prize. I wrote a little essay about Being Western, too, that you can find on the Articles page of my website at if you are interested. It took me a long time to realize I can visit the whole world and have a blast--but I belong west of the Mississipi--waaay West. Rosemary

JodyReale said...

Rosemary! I love your western gal essay--I happened upon it a few months
ago, as I've been a fan of your stuff for a while. Thanks for coming by and
for the kind words.

Kids, please go to and read up.


Marin said...

Hate MySpace.

Love Jeremy Piven.

Think you're pretty swell.

William L. Bryan's seester

JodyReale said...

If there's one thing I can say about William L. Bryan, it's that his female siblings have excellent taste. You doll, you.


Marin said...

You know I'm going to have to quote you at the next family dinner.

Thanks for adverting me on your list. I've been poking around some of the blogs and... well, I may need more time in my days.


n.l. said...

If it weren't for myspace, I would be lost. It's where lots of bookstores, libraries, writers and readers hang out.

Although not the best marketing tool, it gives us long and friendly arms. -n.l. (noveltown)

JodyReale said...

Down with war, up with long arms. Way up!

Amy said...

Jeremy has a MySpace account??!!??

Dagnabit!! How come I didn't know this until now?! That's what I get for not wasting my lunch hour. Well, no more!

I'm heading over to beg to be Jeremy's new friend right! now! I'd love to hug it out with Ari/Jeremy. He's the hottest talent agent with just enough touch of sleaze Hollywood has right now.

I'm going to have search through all my sluttiest pictures and find just the right one to attach to my friend request.

JodyReale said...

Go get him, girl, and show no mercy.