Saturday, September 8, 2007

I'm On a Tag Jag

I'm on a roll with the random fact jag I'm on as a result of yesterday's "tag" entry, and so here are a few more items of Jody Reale trivia, brought to you by Immodium PC, now available over the counter for sufferers of bloggorhea. Uh hem.

1. I married a man with two graduate degrees who insists--insists!--that the acronym TMJ stands for "totally massive jaw." I love him.

2. Despite having spent most of my adolescence smearing baby oil and/or Crisco on my skin every summer, all summer, instead of using, oh I don't know, SUNSCREEN, a dermatologist told me I'm hardly sun damaged at all.

3. I am, however, experiencing acne breakouts that make me wonder if I should just start auditioning for the part of the lonely loser girl in an ABC after school special.

4. After participating in a May pole dance at the wedding I attended today, I can tell you from experience that the picture I've always had in my head of merry folk dancing and skipping around with their flouncy skirts billowing behind them as they wove their ribbons was way off. First off, my ribbon was about two feet shorter than everyone else's, and after two passes around, I resigned myself to just ducking under every passerby's ribbon instead of going to all the trouble of alternating between the over and under positions. Sorry, Shawn.

5. I can't decide how I feel about the plot of Green Eggs and Ham. On the one hand, it's true that you might like something if you just try it, and you can't blame a guy clearly working on commission for trying to get you to just get over it and try the damn things; but on the other, did Sam I Am have to be such a freakin' stalker about it? OK, we get it, you want the guy in the crumpled top hat to try green eggs and ham because you believe in your product, but after the four hundredth objection, let it go, man, and get on with the rest of your sales calls.


Marin (AntiM) said...

And if I can throw in my two cents': Should we not be teaching our children that if they see green eggs, they maybe shouldn't put them in their mouths?

Amy said...

I never liked that Green Eggs & Ham story, Jody. I'm pretty the "Just try them and you will like them, Sam I Am!" character was a drug pusher and now Sam I Am is homeless and begging on the street to support his egg habit.

I've got sun damage only in certain spots and, fortunately, none of these are on my face. I used a combination of baby oil and butter, by the way.

*Joe* said...

I must be tired Jody. I just read your last blog entry and when I came to the part about doing a May pole dance at a wedding I read it as doing a pole dance at a May wedding. This left me envious and wondering why I never get invited to stipper weddings unless I'm the groom.

Anyway, I agree that Sam should really quite trying to bring (what IS the name of the critter he's trying to convince?) over to the Green Eggs & Ham camp. More like Scientologist I Am if you ask me.