Thursday, October 18, 2007

Now That We're BFFs, Let's KIT

Let's say that you're a guy or gal who likes to receive the very occasional email update from pithy writers and bloggists from around the globe. Can we say that? Good! Because the Jody Reale e-mailing list is here to serve you. To be sure, it's not your mother's email list, which means that you'll never--ever--receive emails from me forwarded from my mom's friend's daughter's sister-in-law's roommate from college about some terrible scam that was just--moments ago!--perpetrated against her boss's wife's cousin.

At the most, you'll find out exactly when there's a new addition to my Web site, or--or!--that I'm giving something away for free. So subscribe today at Yahoo Groups, where managing your subscription is a real snap, by sending a blank email to

PS. Here's a fun link to a site dedicated to the game Cornhole...who knew there was a game called Cornhole?

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