Friday, May 1, 2009

Four is a Magic Number

What I'm noticing about being a first time mom is that every new stage that Sophie reaches in life is better than the one before it. I imagine this stops being the case sometime during the teens, but I'm still holding a half-full cup.

At four and a half, Sophie is real character, with her ability to hold long conversations about her feelings, and short ones about her mini existential crises. "After we die, do we get new families?" But what I love about the age of four is that it's the state line between child and toddler.

Last night, we were talking about the differences between boys and girls, and the "sugar and spice" rhyme came to mind. Sophie thought and said, "I don't like that part." She thought, pacing like a mad scientist, and then stopped. "I like," she said, "Rubies and pearls, diamonds and curls." My jaw dropped and I asked, "Did you just make that up?"
"Yes," she said, finding a Kix ball in the carpet and eating it.

Ten seconds later, she looked at me with panic in her eyes and started peeing on the floor. I guess that phone call I had begun making to the Julliard admissions department can wait a few weeks.


Tish Cohen said...

That every stage being better than the one before thing continues into the teens. I didn't think it would either but I have even more fun with them now. They just become these great people you can hang with and laugh with and watch as they mature. Though you will really miss those toddler years when they are so delicious and innocent.

wendy wisniewski said...

Once again, a little snippet that make me laugh out loud. Crack me up. I have had so many of those moment. Mine range from 28yrs to 10 yrs. Yup - - every stage has its moments. Luckily, all have stopped peeing on the floor (I think).

Jody Reale said...

Yep, the errant peeing is a small price to pay for all the gems that seem to magically appear when I least expect them.