Friday, May 29, 2009

Overheard at My House: Father's Day

Her: With Father's Day coming up, I want to get Jim a really great gift, but he always finds his gifts before I have a chance to surprise him.

Me: That's what you get for buying in advance.

Her: I just need a really good hiding place.

Me: If he's anything like Alex, you could put it next to the vacuum cleaner, or the laundry detergent.

Her: (thinking) I guess I'll keep it next to my clitoris then.

Me: Even my LOLcat is speechless.


Donna Higton said...

Very close to the top of my list of "things I don't want to know". Lol. xx

Jody Reale said...

Wow, really? Just very close to the top, and not the actual top of the list?

Verna Wilder said...

This is VERY funny, Jody. Bad bad bad - and very very funny.